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Do Orthodontic Treatments Hurt?

The excitement of improving your smile may rank on a scale of one to 10 as an 11, but that doesn’t mean the treatment process generates that much enthusiasm. In fact, as you choose between Invisalign and braces, you have a great deal to consider, such as the length of treatment and your appearance throughout the process. One primary concern is whether the treatment will cause you pain and discomfort. We want to ease your

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Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment: An Early Solution for Long-Term Dental Health

Have you ever wondered why some children seem to have perfectly aligned teeth while others require extensive orthodontic treatment to correct their dental issues? While some may be born that way, most likely, it’s because of interceptive orthodontic treatment. Interceptive orthodontic treatment is a type of treatment that works to correct orthodontic problems early on in a child’s development. Think of issues like overcrowding, overbites, and even spacing issues. Also known as early treatment, the different

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Understanding Clear Aligners: How They Straighten Teeth

When it comes to making a first impression, your smile is important. Many are turning to clear aligners to straighten teeth and give them the smile they want. In fact, according to a study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 48% of respondents said a person’t smile is their most memorable feature after an initial encounter. If you are not happy with the appearance of your smile, there’s good news. Clear aligners are a

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Can You Eat with Invisalign On?

Invisalign® is often praised for being super convenient because its clear aligners are: Virtually invisible Cost effective Smooth (not made of sharp metal wires and brackets, unlike braces ) Removable But you may be wondering: “Can I eat with Invisalign on?” In this blog, we’ll answer that very question and more. Can I eat with Invisalign on? Here’s the quick answer: No, you can’t eat while wearing Invisalign trays. However: You can eat whatever you’d

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When Should You See an Orthodontist?

Although many people associate orthodontic treatment with adolescence, an orthodontist can spot subtle problems with jaw growth or teeth much earlier – while the primary or “baby” teeth are present. So, when should you or your child see an orthodontist in Chatham, NJ? The right age to visit the orthodontist Parents may incorrectly assume they must wait until a child has all of his or her permanent teeth. However: Dr. Fodero and the American Association

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White Spots on Teeth: What Are They? And How to Avoid Them?

It’s the big day – getting your braces off! But what a disappointment when your braces are removed and you discover white spots surrounding areas on your teeth where the braces were placed. What do white spots on teeth mean? Unsightly white spot lesions on teeth are areas of decalcification created by poor brushing while in treatment. What causes white spots with braces? Unfortunately, orthodontic appliances create areas for plaque to accumulate with all the

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Does My Child Need All Their Permanent Teeth to See an Orthodontist?

If someone tells you that your child should have all of his/her permanent teeth before visiting the orthodontist in Chatham, NJ for the first time, think again. Putting off a first visit to the orthodontist until all of your child’s permanent teeth are in could do more harm than good. Here’s why! Why early orthodontic treatment is necessary There’s a lot more going on than meets the eye. A child’s mouth is undergoing a lot

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Frequently Asked Questions About Orthodontic Braces

October is National Orthodontic Health Month! To help raise awareness, we’ve outlined common Q&As about orthodontic treatment with braces. Take a look, and contact us if you have more questions! Frequently asked questions about orthodontic braces Question: How long will I have braces? Answer: That answer depends on how severely crowded your teeth are and how difficult it is to correct your bite. It can range from six months to a few years. Question: Do

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Why are children starting orthodontic treatment so early?

WHY ARE CHILDREN STARTING ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT SO EARLY? You see your child’s elementary school friend wearing braces and you think to yourself, “I thought children got braces in middle or high school”. While most children can wait and start orthodontic treatment in the middle school or high school, early orthodontic treatment may be in a child’s best interest if their problem is one that would become more serious over time if left untreated. Orthodontists can

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How Long Do You Wear a Retainer?

You’ve finally finished your orthodontic treatment. Hurrah! No more braces! But wait! Dr. Fodero said you’ll need to wear a retainer. Why should you wear a retainer after orthodontic treatment, and how long will you need to wear it? Why do you need to wear a retainer a day? Orthodontic retainers are just as important as the orthodontic treatment you received to straighten your teeth! Your teeth have been moved into their optimum position, but for them

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Invisalign vs. Braces – Which One Should You Choose?

If you are an adult, the thought of braces and wires attached to your teeth may make you think twice about pursuing orthodontic treatment. Would Invisalign be better? Your child’s orthodontist recommended either braces or Invisalign, which option is really the best choice? The pros and cons of Invisalign and braces Both Invisalign and braces are effective means of straightening teeth, but they both have their advantages and disadvantages. Braces consist of brackets that are

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How Long Do You Wear Rubber Bands for Braces?

You’re undergoing orthodontics and are now told you’ll need to wear rubber bands for your braces. Are rubber bands (or elastics) really that important? As your orthodontist in Chatham, NJ, Dr. Barbara Fodero would tell you, “Absolutely!” Why is it important to wear elastics? Rubber bands are used to correct your bite to its ideal position. Simply put: Your braces will not come off until your bite is correct, so your cooperation to wear your

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Speed Your Teen to a Selfie-Ready Smile

In a world of instant gratification and selfies, it’s hard to sell a teen on years worth of metal mouth. Well, luckily at Chatham Orthodontics, we don’t need to! While you obviously don’t want your teen speeding along the highway in a car, speeding up their orthodontics is definitely preferable! The Clear Route: Understanding how much your teen’s smile is wrapped up in their self-confidence, we are proud to offer Invisalign Teen. What does that

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First Orthodontic Visit – When is the Best Time?

There is much more to taking care of your children’s teeth than teaching them how to brush and taking them to the dentist to fix the occasional cavity. Most parents realize that getting their children to begin flossing, as well as getting their teeth professionally cleaned, are also key elements of modern oral hygiene, but beyond that, is there anything else you should be doing? What many families don’t fully appreciate is the importance of

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Scavenger Hunt – Win Prizes

We’ve just launched our new, responsive website, and we’re celebrating the launch with a good ol’ fashioned Scavenger Hunt! Win Great Prizes! Enter now for a chance to win one of the following: Amazon Echo, ($99 Value) Visa Gift Card, ($100 Value) Polaroid Instant Digital Camera, ($96 Value) Explore Our New Website! The Scavenger Hunt will lead you through the site so you can check out all the cool new features and find the answers to the questions

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