Speed Your Teen to a Selfie-Ready Smile

Speed Your Teen to a Selfie-Ready Smile

In a world of instant gratification and selfies, it’s hard to sell a teen on years worth of metal mouth. Well, luckily at Chatham Orthodontics, we don’t need to! While you obviously don’t want your teen speeding along the highway in a car, speeding up their orthodontics is definitely preferable!

The Clear Route:

Understanding how much your teen’s smile is wrapped up in their self-confidence, we are proud to offer Invisalign Teen. What does that mean for your teen? It means no metal mouth! Dr. Fodero is highly experienced in using Invisalign to treat most orthodontic cases.

Invisalign works by creating a series of aligners that get switched out every 6-8 weeks. The aligners guide your teen’s teeth along the path to their desired smile without the need for metal braces.

The Fast Route:

Time to speed along the highway! For those of our patients who want speedier treatment times, we offer VPro5. This innovative technology produces a gentle vibration, resulting in a safe and fast bone reshaping and teeth movement. This what helps shorten the time needed to finish your treatment by up to half the time. Yes, you read correctly, by up to 50%!

The Easy Route:

Not only does the VPro5 speed treatment time, it also helps relieve the pain normally felt with orthodontics. The VPro5 device is hands-free and worn for 5 minutes each day. Easy peasy! It is very light and comfortable to wear, and it is perfectly safe to use at any age.

At Chatham Orthodontics, we understand what it’s like to be a parent – because we’re parents too. You can expect personalized orthodontic treatment, that is kid – and parent – friendly. As a working mom, Dr. Fodero gets it –  she only recommends treatment that she would do for herself or her own children, and treats all patients as she would her own kids. Our office is a fun environment where you will get the best orthodontic care. Come meet Dr. Fodero and the smile squad! ?

We look forward to meeting you and your kiddo!

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*Note: While Dr. Fodero is an orthodontist specialist in Chatham, NJ she only recommends treatment that she would do for herself and her children!

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